Guess whose Back


Do you not have moments where you wonder why you do it or feel like you are losing at it? Where you, at times, measure your success on what you produce?

We all know social media by now and in the last while have experienced accelerated online behaviour. Even if you read this and think no, if you are honest - you can probably see the increase. Well as I wrote that title I thought about the real housewives of…fill in the blank. You know those crazy reality TV shows that you keep thinking, this CANNOT be real - well I feel like it is time to share the real life of a social media strategist / manager. I wanted to tell you a bit about what it is to be a social media strategist, manager and content creator. Sometimes I wonder if people really know what it is like. Because let me tell you it is both beautiful and difficult, much like life. I spend my days analysing how content is doing, how audiences are responding and what is trending next. I literally pray for God inspired ideas and content that would reach people - but behind it all - I am counting how we are growing and analysing how well our brands are doing. Despite which brand or company it is - I am watching numbers and followers and engagements to see how we measure up. An honest moment: IT IS EXHAUSTING! I find it hard to not measure my worth from what I am producing and not feeling like a failure when things don’t turn out the way I anticipated. I read and study to try and figure out algorithms and spend my days trying to make the best content possible and some days it just feels like it falls flat. People can be so difficult to please because they can immediately change their mind and opt out. It is hard. I know that Instagram is going to allow a 30 - 45 minute window that will see growth in reels and if people aren’t responding, I know they’ll cut it down as quickly as the let it out. It’s like the test factor - some make it, others don’t. You see, I give my all to what I do. If we fail, I want to know we failed giving everything we have. I love what I do. I love dreaming up content and creating it. I love imagining how people could interact and respond to it. I love seeing clients faces come alive at the prospect of how we can tell their brand story through social media. I love the story telling. But if I am not careful, I begin to see myself through the eyes of the socials I manage. Measuring myself the same way I measure other success factors online. And in short, it leaves me feeling shallow and worthless. I feel like I can’t beat the algorithms and can’t transform quick enough to stand out in an oversaturated world. How will we ever find more clients if I don’t get us out there. Some days I feel defeated as I stare at a social media report - it’s like my child didn’t eat the right things and now doesn’t have the energy needed to sustain them (hypothetically, just go with me here haha). But the reality is that sometimes I am not sure what to feed them, because that which gave them energy yesterday doesn’t anymore. It’s so confusing. And switching off, although so necessary is so hard. Okay, if you made it this far, well done….because I get that it can sound a little bit like a downer, but I want you to get a real life look at things - NOT the highlight reel we share. I want you to understand that being a social media strategist is not always easy. BUT if I am learning anything, it’s that identity is not found in what we do but in who we are. And as a social media strategist I have to continuously remind myself of that. God isn’t running multiple algorithms. He isn’t giving me a chance to make something of myself within the first 30-45 minutes before he pulls the plug. He is PRESENT. He calls me daughter and he loves me, even if I don’t get 100s of likes all times. He is not waiting to critique my lack of growing quickly. He is not measuring me through my own eyes. Why do I then believe the lie? Like anything, it takes a moment to step back and realign - it takes a moment to realise that work will never satisfy what only God can. I love what I do don’t get me wrong, but there are days and days that I need to remind myself WHY I do it. I received a message last week from a client whose account I manage and was blown away by the fact that God will use anything to reach someone. A (forwarded) : "Talking tonight with women on how to start a business. Thanks for the pointers yesterday. B: "Yesterday? Where" B: "ME? A (forwarded) : "The Decision to excel - The Decision to persevere - The Decision to fly" B: "AH -Yep" A (forwarded) : "Came right on time" B: "Time is eveything" ME: "hahaha - how awesome is God will even use me when I am looking for content for you to speak to someone B: "Do you see how this is just by divine appointment" So maybe you are like - great pity party Kelsey but why should I care - I don’t do that for a living. Well yea…but what do you do? Do you not have moments where you wonder why you do it or feel like you are losing at it? Where you, at times, measure your success on what you produce? I only have one more thing to say and it’s a verse that has played on repeat for me - call it my 911 verse at the moment: Isaiah 26:3 - you will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast because they trust in you. And so my prayer for you reading this today is that you will continue to trust God and his divine appointments - He is still doing Miracles, there is still more for you and God is not finished yet. He’s never going to give up on you! Take heart, much love Xxx Kels